Pinterest inspiration: Timeless Hats

pinterest inspiration hats panama hat celebrities prymal

Grace Jones with hat, 1991. “Un Certain Regard” by Greg Gorman

I was updating my Pinterest account like every Sunday night. Every time I do this I feel totally overwhelmed trying to choose from the infinity of perfect outfits, amazing pictures, and the most creative ideas. – Where to start? Which theme I will hunt today? – Even to choose one among my boards would seem like an impossible thing to do.

Somehow I made up my mind and chose one specific board, one full of timeless and eternal glam: “How to wear a hat with style”.

This board features a wide mix of people and eras. You can see a flawless Audrey Hepburn followed by a young Mick Jagger, and the iconic Kate Moss. All the images pinned here share the same object of desire: a HAT!

Every time Prymal launches a new collection, this is mainly where inspiration comes from.

Here is a tiny sample of what you might see at this board.


hat inspiration straw hats

A young Mick Jagger rockin’ a hat

hat inspiration panama hats celebrities prymal

Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn with a hat similar to our “Portofino”

Panama hat, hats, Christy Turlington model prymal fashion

Christy Turlington, photographed by Hans Feurer for Vogue’s May 1990 issue.

inspiration panama hat - fashion muse prymal

Fashion icon Kate Moss by Terry Richardson for Vogue

fashion panama hat hats prymal celebrities

Style profile : Ashley Olsen


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