Eco-Luxury: Sustainability and Design

green toquilla straw hat panama hats

Classic Fedora Leaf by PRYMAL

* Eco-Luxury: ‘Greener’ style of luxury that promotes high quality and magnificence while continuing to strengthen the local economy and preserving the environment.

* Sustainability: Capacity to endure

If you are connected in some way to the outside world you surely have heard the term “Eco-Luxury” lately. Blogs, and social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the main ambassadors of this relatively new wave of conscious living without sacrificing comfort and beauty.

There has been a significant growth of new brands in recent years who are introducing innovative methods and approaches to reach sustainable products without compromising quality and design.

Long-gone are the days when customers didn’t care about the impact of their purchases. There’s a growing awareness and interest in environmental issues. The world has experienced in many ways the powerful impact their daily lives have on our planet and its people. Non-sustainable habits and products soon will be a distant memory and those who don’t adapt now will face their imminent failure.

At PRYMAL we believe that sustainability not only has to do with raw materials, it has to be integrated into the entire supply chain. Sustainable fashion is all about creating products that support the designers, the local economy and the planet beyond just the immediate future.

We are constantly searching for environmental friendly means to continuously improve our performance. Also, promoting environmental awareness is an important part of our business.

PRYMAL is based in 12 sustainable principles:

1. FAIR / ETHICAL TRADE: Responsibility towards human rights, higher environmental and social standards.
2. LOCAL PRODUCTION: Supports local economy and job growth while leaving a lighter carbon footprint.
3. CRAFT / ARTISAN: All our products are 100% handmade by local artisans, which preserve and perpetuate ancestral traditions.
4. NATURAL TEXTILES AND MATERIALS: Using, as far as possible, materials from natural pure sources, sustainably harvested, and renewable.
5. LOW IMPACT: Dyes made from colorants extracted from vegetable matter: berries, seeds, invertebrates, leaves, and roots.
6. CUSTOM / TAILOR MADE: Encouraging quality and slow fashion over mass-produced disposable fashion.
7. RESOURCE EFFICIENCY: Generate the greatest possible benefit using the smallest possible quantity of natural resources.
8. GREEN MARKETING: Use of environmentally responsible paper printing process and/ or recycled materials for all of our packaging, labeling, promotion, and business cards.
9. RECYCLED: Turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. It delivers financial, environmental, and social benefits.
10. UPCYCLING: Articles of clothing that have been given a new life through some sort of customization. Upcycling is the other half of the recycling process.
11. TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is a clear understanding of what has gone into making a product.
12. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Promoting an awareness of environmental and/or social issues. Participating actively in projects and programs to help the local and world community in issues related to people and the ecosystem.

In addition we are proud members of Eco Fashion Latam.

If you want to know more about PRYMAL and Sustainability go to our website or write us


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