Can I roll my toquilla straw hat?

“Can I Roll it?” Is one of the the most common questions we get.

I know. “Panama Hats” are known for their capability to remain intact even if you roll it in a small wooden box. They say the finest hats can be rolled up and fit inside an engagement ring.

Without wishing to contradict the legend, it is however advisable not to over-use the pliability, especially in a dry climate.

Here’s the reason why:

“Panama Hats” are woven with Toquilla Straw, a natural fiber which grows only in Ecuador.
These hats are very flexible and can be rolled up for traveling, but it should not be stored in a folded or rolled position since it loses the shape designed to fit your head and look good on you.

Think of a fine silk shirt. If you store it rolled in a drawer for a long time it will be all wrinkled.
The difference with a hat is that it will be harder to reshape the crown with a regular iron.

So, if you prefer your hat’s original and perfect shape it is best to avoid folding or rolling it.

In case its too late. How to shape your hat:
– To reshape your toquilla straw hat, place a cloth on the hat and iron using low heat.
– Another way is to lightly steam it over a boiling kettle and then shaping the hat by hand back to its original form.
– To reshape the brim you can place the hat on a flat surface and put a heavy item (a book) on top of each side of the brim.

Hope it helps!




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