Earthquake Relief for Ecuador

Ecuador was hit by a 7.8 earthquake on April 16th. Thankfully all of our artisans are safe. However several cities were totally destroyed, leaving thousands without homes, jobs and hope.

All those who were affected by this earthquake need lots of help to overcome this tragedy. Right now they are in desperate need for water, food, health care and emergency shelter. After that, they will need to find a new job and a permanent home.

This will be not an easy task to achieve, but Ecuadorians have proved to be strong and united through hard times. And they need as much help as possible from the international community.

If you want to help/support Ecuador victims we suggest the following options, which are reliable and provide an easy way to donate with just 1 click:

  •  KAHRE

Ecuadorian organization which develops and supports humanitarian assistance to local communities. 

Right now they have been one of the most helpful organizations to provide efficient help to the most affected areas. Their Director, Karla Morales, has become a key referent of help and volunteership nationwide.

You can donate via KAHRE here

  • CARE

CARE, a humanitarian organization focused on fighting global poverty by empowering women, has teams on the ground working to assess damage. Members of the organization are also working to address urgent needs for survivors of the disaster, including access to safe water, food and shelter.

You can donate directly to the relief organization’s efforts in Ecuador here.


According to UNICEF, current estimates suggest 150,000 children in Ecuador are in need of aid. Assistance from UNICEF began to arrive late Sunday night local time. The organization is providing mosquito nets, water kits, tents and other essential supplies to impacted areas.

Children and their families face the aftermath – destroyed buildings, lack of safe water and the risk of diseases such as cholera, and scarce food supplies that can lead to a surging number of cases of malnutrition. Your donations will help Ecuador build back better.

To stay update on the organization’s relief efforts, visit here. To donate to support their work, visit here.


  • United Nations Development Programme

UNDF opened a special donations line, upon request of the Government of Ecuador. Your donation will be directed to five main areas: rehabilitation of key infrastructure, debris management, house repairs,short-term employment opportunities for affected communities and promotion of sustainable livelihoods. UNDP will manage funds supporting the Government-led coordination.

You can donate directly to the relief organization’s efforts in Ecuador here.


  • Ecuadorian Red Cross

More than 800 volunteers and staff from the Ecuadorian Red Cross have aided in the organization’s immediate relief efforts. Along with providing general aid in the form of essential goods, the organization is equipped to provide survivors with psychosocial support and first aid.

To support the organization’s ongoing efforts, visit here.


  • World Food Programme

Upon request from the Ecuadorian government, WFP mobilized to provide food assistance to 5,000 families in areas most impacted by the earthquake. The organization will also provide families living in shelters with food vouchers.

To donate to WFP USA’s general emergency relief fund, visit here.


  • SOS Children’s villages

SOS Children’s Villages has had a presence in Ecuador for more than 50 years, providing shelter for orphaned and otherwise homeless children in the area. The organization is currently providing aid through the distribution of food and water after this most recent disaster.

SOS Children’s Villages is also providing temporary shelter, particularly focusing on the need of safe spaces for the children they have historically served.

To donate to the org’s direct efforts, visit here.

  • Fundación In Terris

They promote sustainable rural development, focusing on sanitation and agroecology. Right now they are working on sustainable sanitation by building and installing ecological toilets in the most affected areas.

They have been awarded with the Grand Challenges Explorations Award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

You can donate directly to In Terris here 

All help is welcome

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to help in other ways:









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