Continuing on our series of “Behind the Scenes” to show you a little bit of our daily activities and the lives of those behind each G.VITERI piece, today we will talk about a dear embroiderer: Elvia.

G.VITERI started to incorporate hand embroidered accents to its accessories around 2 years ago. This not only enhanced our products’ beauty and appeal, but it also constituted a great way to help multiple groups of artisans within each piece.

So, a G.VITERI hat will not only help the women weaving the toquilla hats but also it will help by working with a group of embroiderers from rural towns of Ecuador.


This is Elvia, one of the women who lovingly hand-embroider our hats and handbags.

She received us and around 15 artisans that day at her house. She is always smiling like that! 🙂

She, as the majority of the embroiderers, works from home on her free time. This way she can take care of her kids and the family’s crops/animals.

With her earnings she was able to invest in cropping land and a few small animals to multiply her earnings and that way give her kids a better future.

One of our best-sellers from the embroidered collections is the Pineapple Punch Hat and its natural match, the Pineapple Delight Tote.






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