Continuing on our series of “Behind the Scenes” to show you a little bit of our daily activities and the lives of those behind each G.VITERI piece, today we will talk about a dear embroiderer: Elvia.

G.VITERI started to incorporate hand embroidered accents to its accessories around 2 years ago. This not only enhanced our products’ beauty and appeal, but it also constituted a great way to help multiple groups of artisans within each piece.

So, a G.VITERI hat will not only help the women weaving the toquilla hats but also it will help by working with a group of embroiderers from rural towns of Ecuador.


This is Elvia, one of the women who lovingly hand-embroider our hats and handbags.

She received us and around 15 artisans that day at her house. She is always smiling like that! 🙂

She, as the majority of the embroiderers, works from home on her free time. This way she can take care of her kids and the family’s crops/animals.

With her earnings she was able to invest in cropping land and a few small animals to multiply her earnings and that way give her kids a better future.

One of our best-sellers from the embroidered collections is the Pineapple Punch Hat and its natural match, the Pineapple Delight Tote.





Sportsy chic

Sportsy chic


Lisa marie fernandez swimwear
$505 –

House of Holland retro round sunglasses
$115 –

Prymal brimmed hat
$110 –

Sun care

Black and white striped beach towel
$37 –

Behind the Scenes: Our Pompom Makers

We want you to be part of our processes and keep you in the know of what’s going on behind every piece from G.VITERI.

So, this is the first of a series of Behind The Scenes posts we will start to share from time to time.

One of our SS’16 best-sellers was the Pompom Hat. This hat is entirely hand woven with toquilla straw and then we add three ultra-fun handmade pompoms for that flirty summer look.


The pompoms are 100% handmade by skillful women in the rural highlands of Ecuador. This was the first time they (and us) made pompoms so it was a great thing to learn together from scratch.

Meet the girls behind the scenes in charge of making the beautiful pompoms: Maricela and Mayra  ❤

Maricela y Mayra pompom makers2.jpg


The Pompom Hat available here:

  • Shop Latitude 


  • Everything But Water

  • Very Exclusive UK

  • Sunday Tracker Australia

Toquilla Straw & Pom Pom Fedora in Pink